Oxygen Presence In Winter

Oxygen Presence In Winter

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Oxygen Shortage In Winter

Mostly In Winters We Might Noticed That All Of Us Come Across An Unusual Behaviour This Is Due To The Less Concentration Of Oxygen In Our Surrounding 


The Main Reason To This Fact Is That The Temperature Of The Environment Falls Below The Optimum Temperature Of The Plants In Which They Can Easily Carry Out Photosynthesis, So Due To This Reason Large Amount Of Carbon Dioxide Is Produced And A Less Amount Of Oxygen Is Produced


As A Result Of This Phenomenon We Feel Breathlessness In Our Daily Life And We Also Suffer In These Day With Some Diseases 


To Treat This Problem We Use The Grinded Onions Collected In A Container Placed At Some Location Where We Live 

Characteristics Of An Onion 

Onions Have The Ability To Produce Oxygen Thats Why We Use Onions In Shortage Of Oxygen Mostly At The Huge Heights Where There Is Shortage Of Oxyen By Eating Them

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