Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) Online 8th Class Science Text Book

It is delightedly announces to the students of 8th standard that they are able to get the online book of General Science subject. General science is the major and compulsory subject that our students learn at 8th standard. General science offers the basic information about different topics i.e. physics level, bio level, chemistry level and some other topics to make the students’ base about science subject. On behalf of this knowledge the students are allowed to get admission in their chosen field at matric level of education. Science subject has got much familiarity around the world. This is the modern age of life in which we are breathing. And all the inventions of this modern age have become possible just because of science and its different branches. So, it is highly recommended for the students to learn the basics of science in such a way these will allow you to take a good journey of science studies in future.

Ilmkidunya.com is the network which gathers all the students to take benefits regarding their studies. A lot of sections about study are discussed here for the convenience of the students because of which the student of any level of education with any specific subject gets benefit from us. For every single assistance regarding education students come here and they find their need. We always keep our students and visitors updated with the latest trends of education. Students who are going to start their 8th class standard are suggest to keep in touch with us for all kind of possible assistance.

Punjab Examination Commission PEC is the min educational body situated in Punjab. This study department is responsible to lead the study process of 5th class and 8th class. Students’ admissions, examinations and all other aspects are conducted by PEC and we see that the body is performing its duty in well-defined manner.


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