World's Most Amazingly Beautiful Universities

You think your university is the best ? Watch these stunning looking universities that would make you sad and happy at the same moment!

  • University of Cambridge,UK.
    Established in the 13th century, the University of Cambridge leaves no stone behind to be one of the most famous academic institutions worldwide.

  • University of Bologna,Italy.
    As the oldest university in the world, the University of Bologna purely falsify the myth that beauty fades with time.

  • The University of Coimbra:
    Established in 1290 in Lisbon.
    Being one of the oldest universities in continuous operation in the world.
    one of the country's largest higher education and research institutions

  • Moscow State University, Russia.
    It was founded on January 25, 1755 by Mikhail Lomonosov.
    It also houses the tallest educational building in the world.

  • University of Oxford:
    It is the oldest university in the English-speaking world.
    the campus at the University of Oxford is remarkable for its historical buildings and green spaces.

  • Harvard University.
    Founded in 1636, Harvard University is best known as America's oldest university.
    As well as one of the most prestigious in the world.
    This is the picture of Harvard University Canteen!! Yeah!1

  • Peking University is one of Chinese beautiful university.
    The campus, known as "Yan Yuan"(the garden of Yan.
    It is situated at Haidian District in the western suburb of Beijing.
    It stands near to the Yuanmingyuan Garden and the Summer Palace

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