Top 20 funny pictures from Pakistan to makes you smile

  • Pakoras are not allowed to take without permission.

  • We Pakistanis travel like a boss!

  • Single chicken meat available.

  • Heart Talk, Easy to say now.

  • Mr. Bear, Enjoying the chingchi ride?

  • Extremely hilarious Urdu sign board will blow your mind.

  • Words of wisdom written on a motorbike side panel.

  • How to unload a truck stacked full of bamboo without getting your hands dirty.

  • McDonald's in Pakistan.

  • Happy Independence Day to All Pakistanis except WAPDA.

  • Haseena Beauty Parlor Pakistan.

  • Car Best Usage.

  • Pink Donkey found in Pakistan.

  • When no freight vehicle is available.

  • Car convertible bike in Pakistan.

  • New swimming tricks.

  • Best way to beat the heat.

  • When zebra crossing is so far away.

  • Atom Bomb Siri Paye.

  • New motorcycle petrol tank found in Pakistan.

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