Top 10 Unique Cultures From Around The World

Culture and the style of living is the only thing that makes humans different from all the members of Kingdom Animalia. Moreover, humans are also different from each other concerning their customs, living styles, and other aspects of life. Throughout the world, there is a large number of nations existing and all these have their own culture and tradition on the base of which they are recognized as different from others. Out of these number of cultures, top unique cultures are defined here that is different concerning their rituals:

1. Tomato Craze Or La Tomatina In Bunol, Spain

It is known as a food fight, a tomato fight, and a festival which is celebrated as one of the most joyful customs by the people of Spain. It is a part of their culture which they celebrate on the last Wednesday of August. This is especially celebrated in the town named Buñol, which is near to Valencia in Spain. Every year thousands of people throughout the world gather there to celebrate this food fight festival.

2. Famadihana: Dancing With The Dead In Madagascar

If we talk about the most wondrous cultural activities then this could be the top one. In the village of Ambohijafy in Madagascar people carry a dead body and make dance with this dead body. Well, you will surely be surprised after hearing this cultural activity. Generally, people bring forth the dead bodies of their ancestors and rewrap them again. And when they near to bury them again they make dance with these dead bodies on the loud music.

3. Burns Night in Scotland

In the United Kingdom out of the most valuable and memorable cultural or traditional activities, burns supper or burns night is the most precious one cultural activity. It is celebrated on the 25th of January of every year and it is especially taken as a cultural ritual by the Scottish people. The celebration is celebrated in Memoriam of Burns Cottage and the first supper ceremony was held on July 21st, 1801.

4. Hanging Coffins In Sagada, Philippines

It is another unique activity or culture shows by the members of Sagada, Philippines. The people bury their loved ones into the coffins and with the help of ropes and wires, they hang the coffins with the cliff. The people believe that the place of coffins on the height is the way to show love for the deceased people and they also believe that the spirits of the deceased people reach a higher position in the afterlife. For a long time, the ritual is celebrating on this island and people are still following the same culture.

5. Bali’s Day of Silence

Bali is an Indonesian Island where people celebrate a cultural ceremony at the beginning of the New Year. During this ceremony, people remain silent for a period of 24 hours. Maybe a minimal or little talk is allowed but people are not allowed to talk more even, during the period of this silent ceremony, they are not allowed to travel, to do work or to participate in any other activities. The only people we find at other places are the traditional security men who take care that the cultural prohibitions are being followed or not. This silent day is known as Nyepi and the very next day after Nyepi is celebrated as a New Years' day and people go through a large number of social activities and celebrations.

6. Matsés People

We have experienced a lot of people and culture in our live. However, on a daily basis, we are still experiencing new cultures from around the world. Sometimes, we become inspired by the cultural activities of other nations and, at the same time, we become surprised when we see some strange cultural activities or nations that have been running in the world for a long time. Out of these nations, the more surprised one is Matsés People.

The people belong to Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon. They wear costumes of a special type and have a different lifestyle than the modern world. For a living, the people rely upon hunting.

7. Witches’ Night in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic which is known as one of the most beautiful countries of the Europe continent has a unique ritual the example of which we do not find anywhere else in the world. The ritual is that the people of this country burn the witches on a night. On the evening of 30th April, every year, the people of the Czech Republic gather at some selected or specific places where they arrange a large size of the bonfire and the effigy of witches are burned in this bonfire.

People have believed that witches become as weak as the weather becomes warm. Moreover, they also believe that if they would burn the witches in the fire then they would get protected from the harshness of the winter.

8. Tooth Filling In Indonesia

Indonesian people have unique rituals and out of which one is a most surprising ritual which is that the people gather to refill their teeth. This cultural activity has been celebrating for centuries and it still exists as a rite among the youngsters of this age. The people believe that through this activity the uncouth behavior can be reduced. Moreover, people also believe that this cultural activity or ceremony is the way to get rid of the six negative traits in which lust, greed, anger, drunkenness, confusion, and jealousy are included.

9. Burial Ritual in Brazil and Venezuela

We are indeed breathing in a modern world but there are still some rituals exist on which there is no influence of the modern world comes to see and these are still weird customs. The best example of the weird custom even in this modern world is the burial ceremony by the people of Brazil and Venezuela. The people belong to the Yanomami tribe of South America bury their dead people by eating their flesh. Yes, it is weird but it has been happening for centuries and the people of this tribe still believe in the same culture.

10. Eid Festival By Muslims Countries

Around the world, the Muslims also come to see to celebrate a unique culture the example of which we cannot find anywhere else except the Muslim countries. Muslims celebrate Eid festivals twice a year. The first event is celebrated after performing fasts in the month of Ramadan and the second celebration is held in memoriam of Prophet Ibrahim. On both of the events and occasions Muslims, throughout the world, gather and offer prayers and perform other funs rituals.

  • Tomato Craze Or La Tomatina In Bunol, Spain

  • Famadihana: Dancing With The Dead In Madagascar

  • Burns Night in Scotland

  • Hanging Coffins In Sagada, Philippines

  • Bali’s Day of Silence

  • Matsés People

  • Witches’ Night in the Czech Republic

  • Tooth Filling In Indonesia

  • Burial Ritual in Brazil and Venezuela

  • Eid Festival By Muslims Countries

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