Top 10 favorite foods in Ramadan

  • Date and water are one of the most important food and drink in Ramadan, date fulfill the sunnat and water will energize you from the daily effort which you made during the roza.

  • Dahi bhalay is another popular food which is served with lots of chili and different chutneys. Dahi bhalay makes your iftari more delicious.

  • Fruit Chat is the common food which adds little bit sweetness to your iftaar

  • Pakoras another iftaar dish which is famous for its crisp and people thinks they’re iftaar beeing incomplete without pakoras

  • Samosa is a traditional dish and every home must serve it in Iftaar. People make different kind of samosa aloo, keema and vegetable etc it’s all depends upon your choice.

  • Rolls is similar to samosa but both plays important roles in their places. These two things are especially popular among kids. Rolls are also of different kinds like samosa.

  • Sandwiches are widely used in iftaari’s and it is little bit heavy food but it’s not matter. Kids eat sandwiches happily.

  • Fries are also famous among kids, but age does not matter because everyone loves to eat fries.

  • Pasta adds twists to your iftaar and every one like to eat it differentiate their taste because it is different from other food.

  • Drinks are important for body and iftaar is being nothing if we do not take drinks. Moreover drinks energize your body so that all your body functions work perfectly

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