Top 10 Celebrities who have an Identical Twin Sibling

  • Hammad and Faraz Farooqi:
    Hammad Farooqi ia a talented Pakistani actor.He has his twin brother Faraz Farooqi who is also famous
    TV star.

  • Aaron And Shawn Ashmore:
    Aaron and Shawn are already quite famous separately.But not many people may be aware they are identical twins.

  • Minal and Aiman:
    Minal and Aiman are youngest actresses in media industry of Pakistan.They friendly nature has fetch
    a number of fans across the world.

  • Ainy Jaffri and Meher Jaffri:
    Meher Jaffri is a producer as well as actress also has a twin sibling.

  • Camilla and Rebacca Rosso:
    Camilla "Milly" Rosso and Rebecca "Becky" Rosso are British twin actresses and singers.

  • Ahsan Khan and Yasir Khan:
    Ahsan Khan is one of Pakistani Celebrities who have an identical twin sibling. Yasir Khan lives in UK and is a practicing Muslim while Ahsan Khan is a media man.

  • Mary-Kate Olsen:
    Mary-Kate Olsen has a twin sister named Ashley. Both sisters appeared in several films and television shows together.

  • Zhalay and Zyla Sarhadi:
    Both of them come from a family of talented artists both have made their mark in acting and
    television hosting.

  • Alicia and Annie Sorell:
    Alicia and Annie Sorell are identical twin actresses who write and star in Movie Twins.

  • James Andrew Eric Phelps and Oliver Martyn John Phelps:
    James Andrew Eric Phelps and Oliver Martyn John Phelps are identical twin British actors, best known for playing identical twins, Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter film series.

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