Recalling Saturday 8th, October 2005: The day the earth shiver

  • Countries where Earth Quake Struck:
    Pakistani Kashmir's main city, Muzaffarabad, was severely affected with almost half of its homes destroyed. Indian Kashmir was also severely damaged with hundreds of dead and injured.

  • Collapsed building in Islamabad:
    A 10-story residential building known as the Margalla Tower collapsed completely in Islamabad killing most of the occupants.

  • Timing and Magnitude of Earth Quake:
    The earthquake occurred on Saturday, October 8, 2005 at 03:50:38 (UTC).A final estimate of the moment magnitude of the earthquake is 7.7. More than 20 aftershocks ranging from 4.5 to 6.3 in magnitude struck the area in 18 hours following the main shock.

  • Landslides:
    The landslides blocked the roads, thus further isolating the stricken region.The largest landslide triggered by
    the earthquake is located approximately 32 kilometers southeast of Muzafarrabad in a tributary valley of the Jhelum River.

  • Earth Quake related with Holy Month:
    The month of Ramadan is a time for spiritual reflection,and at the same time It was the 4th of Ramadan and many people were taking a nap, which made it even harder for them to escape.when this tragedy took place.

  • Victim of Earth Quake:
    The biggest victim of the earthquake were kids and educational institutions as the earthquake came at
    morning time when many of the kids were in schools and got hit by the devastation.

  • Helping Campaign:
    During the aftermath of earthquake, we saw massive support campaigns, in and abroad Pakistan, where governments, organizations and individuals came forward to help the affected by cash and kind.

  • Death Rate:
    The death rate of total was over 80,000 in Pakistan, and about 1,500 in India and close to 200,000 succumbed to their injuries according to Relief Web/UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs OCHA. About 11,000 children were left orphaned.

  • Queen Rania of Jordan Visits:
    Queen Rania of Jordan Visits Earthquake Victims In Muzaffrabad. She visited a UNICEF-supported tent school and asked about the needs of the children.

  • Destruction on 2005 Earthquake:
    Government estimates say some 600,000 houses, 6,298 schools and 796 health facilities were demolished, about 6,440 km of roads damaged and 50-70 per cent of water supply, sanitation, telecom and power infrastructure made non-operational.

  • Safety for Future:
    Governments in the region must develop better programs of public preparedness and designate appropriate anti seismic building codes and construction standards to provide safety from the most severe of the earthquakes that historically have affected the region and which will occur again in the future.

  • Remembrance of 2005 Earth Quake:
    In the Remembrance of Earthquake Victims of 8th October, 2005 in Pakistan.We must remember that everyone
    has to die, and death doesn’t give us much time to complete our chores.

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