Defence Day: A Salute to Pakistani Armed Forces (Facts about Pakistani Army)

    Pakistan's SSG is ranked worlds No.1

  • Azhar Hussain:
    Azhar Hussain of Pak army won gold medal in commonwealth games in Delhi.

  • Defended Its Nation:
    An army which defended its nation against the three times bigger army.

  • Gold Medal in Cambrian Patrol:
    Pakistan's army have won gold medal in Cambrian Patrol in UK in which 86 teams participated.

  • Israels Fighter Jet:
    Only Pakistan army to who shot down 10 Israel's fighter jet.

  • UN Peacekeeping Missions and Medals:
    Pakistan Army is the largest contributor of troops to the UN peacekeeping missions and has received the highest number of UN medals of all the armies in the world.

  • Pakistan Air-force 5 Enemy Jets:
    Only Pakistan Air-force having record of taking down 5 enemy jets in less then a minute.

  • UN Missions:
    Pakistan is the only army which in UN missions give their food and medicine given to army by the UN for
    their own use shares with the locals.

  • Pakistan’s Armed Forces Successful Operations:
    Pakistan’s armed forces undertook successful operations like Operation Rah-e-Haq (Swat), Operation Sherdil (Bajaur), Operation Zalzala (Spinkai) and Operation Rah-e-Nijat (SWA) without any significant additional
    financial allocation and currently engage in Zarbe Azab.

  • Air-Force Pilots:
    Pakistan is notable for having one of the best trained air-force pilots in the world.

  • Female Major Generals:
    Pakistan is the only country in the Islamic world to have female Major Generals in the Army.
    Major General Shahida Malik was Pakistan’s first female two-star general.

  • National Anthem Tune:
    Most important thing Pakistan’s national anthem tune ranks first in the top three tunes of the world.

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