11 Technologies That Will Surprise You For Sure

source : wonderslist

  • 11. Hoverboards - Countless engineers and researchers at the car maker Lexus put their collective minds together and managed to create, of all things, a working hoverboard! The SLIDE hoverboard is powered by magnets and superconductors cooled by liquid nitrogen.

  • 10. Helicopters Turn into Planes Then Back into Helicopters -Ranking among the technologies that will surprise you, the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft is, basically, an aircraft that takes off and lands like any old garden-variety helicopter, but in flight it turns into a turbo-prop aircraft, by tilting its engines forwards to act like a normal aircraft engine.

  • 9. Bionic Limbs - Artificial limbs have existed for years, from olden wooden peg legs (think pirates) to the clunky prosthetic Terry Fox used on his cross-country fundraiser run. They were heavy and stiff, but fast-forward into the 21st century, we have ultra-light limbs made out of carbon fiber and titanium that cost up to a cool $45,000, and we now have bionic legs that can be controlled with your mind.

  • 8. Invisibility Devices – In the Crysis games, you play a super Soldier in a suit who can turn invisible and toss aliens like Hacky Sacks. Outside of video games, scientists at the Dallas NanoTech Institute used sheets of carbon nano tubes, which are one-atom thick sheets of carbon rolled up into microscopic tubes, to bend light around the sheets, effectively cloaking them.

  • 7. Electromagnetic Railguns - In our list of technologies that will surprise you there's a thing called electromagnetic railguns. Remember that scene in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, where Agent Simmons calls in a "railgun" strike from a destroyer on a giant Decepticon on the Pyramids of Giza?

  • 6. Laser Weapons - We don't anything that's anywhere near the awesome destructive power of the Death Star in Star Wars, but the US Office of Naval Research has developed the currently operational Laser Weapon System (appropriately shortened to LaWS-do they have a special committee that comes up with all these cool names?) which has been installed on the USS Ponce since 2014.

  • 5. Ion Engines - In the Star Wars trilogy (the original trilogy, mind you!), the ubiquitous TIE fighters of the evil Empire are powered by twin ion engines, hence the name TIE. You may be surprised to learn that ion engines do exist outside of science-fiction, though they are no where nearly as powerful as shown in movies.

  • 4. Bionic eyes - It might sound like something out of The Six Million Dollar Man, but scientists have managed to fit Ray Flynn, an 80-year old British man with the most common form of blindness, Age Related Mascular Degeneration, with the Argus II implant (which costs a cool $150,000) in June.

  • 3. Self-Guiding Bullet - Real-life sniping, unlike in Call of Duty, requires one to do take into account factors such as range, bullet drop, gravity, wind speed, humidity, and even the rotation of the Earth, along with movement of the target and the inevitable delay between firing and impact .

  • 2. Organs Grown In a Lab - In the distant future, humans might not need to worry about trivial things like organ failure. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland have managed to grow a whole functioning organ in an animal, in this case mice. They managed to trick cells from a mouse embryo into thinking they were supposed to grow into a thymus, an organ which is part of the immune system.

  • 1. Fusion Reactors - At number one in our list of technologies that will surprise you is the Fusion Reactor. Fusion reactors, like the European JET Tokamak reactor, and the ITER reactor under construction, harness the same reactions that happen in a SUN to generate electricity. It may sound unbelievable to many.

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