10 Things That You Know Must Happen on The First Day of Eid-ul-Azha

  • Morning of Eid-ul-Azha:
    On the morning Eid-ul-Azha,the elder members of the family pamper the animals one last time before
    they are sacrificed.

  • Reaction of Kids:
    The kids have a sob fest because they know their animal will be "ziba" today.

  • People Reaction at the Time of "Qurbani":
    Every house Family will excitedly sit around the "Qassai"to watch the Sacrifice.

  • Waiting for the Qassai:
    Every where is a crazy rush as well as at meat shops to arrange the "qassai" and as usual
    who always comes at home is often late.

  • Making Hissas of Meat:
    When the meat does come in there is the task of organizing it and making Hissas.

  • Waiting for the Food:
    Everyone waits,very impatiently to get the meat sorted quickly so they can eat already.

  • Before and After Eid:
    Some eat their pain away and some don't really care.

  • Meat storage out of Space:
    There is so much meat that you run you run out of space in the Refrigerator.

  • Blood is every where:
    There is blood and intestines everywhere that's why some of us can't take it so they sleep through
    the days so they miss the smell of the blood and meat.

  • Bar-B-Que Party:
    At the end there is an aroma of a barbecue party and that means it is packed with LOTS AND LOTS OF DELICIOUS FOOD.

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