10 Interesting Facts About Minar-e-Pakistan

  • Minar-e-Pakistan is also known as "Tower of Pakistan", the location where Tower is placed is called Iqbal Park.

  • It is built on the location where Pakistan resolution was passed. Every visitor who visits Lahore first time would like to visit Minar e Pakistan.

  • Tower construction was started on 23 March 1960. Construction took eight years, and was completed on 31 October 1968 at an estimated cost of Rs 7,058,000.

  • The money was collected by imposing an additional tax on cinema and horse racing tickets at the demand of Akhtar Hussain, governor of West Pakistan.

  • The base is about 8 metre above the ground. The tower rises about 62 metres on the base, the total height of minar is about 70 metres above the ground.

  • Minar e Pakistan is a unique kind of place. It is combination of Islamic and Pakistani cultural combination.

  • You can climb the minar though elevator or stairs. Base is built like a flower shape. There is also a big park around the Minar.

  • The parks around the monument include marble fountains and an artificial lake.

  • Other main building near it is Badshahi Mosque, Shahi Qila and Allam Iqbal tomb.

  • Minar-e-Pakistan has always served as the location a number of political protests and rallies, including recently those arranged by PTI.

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