10 Funny Reasons Why Being Tall Is the Absolute Best Thing in the World

  • Reach Things without move:
    You are able to reach things without having to much move.

  • Organic Selfie Sticks:
    Long arms were also work like a organic selfie sticks because you can take selfies from the perfect
    distance able to squeeze all of your friends in the picture.

  • Enjoy Concerts and Movies:
    You can stand at the back and still be able to enjoy concerts and movies without sweat You will still be able to enjoy it just the same.

  • No Need to Wear Heels:
    You don’t need to wear heels and kill your back the demon's pain.

  • Gain weight is not the Problem:
    Being tall is very precious because there is no worry if you gain any weight still you look stunning and those
    few extra pounds won’t show thanks to your height.

  • Complimented having long legs:
    Long legs are the key star to all those who have tall height and long legs are the all reason which make your personality alive and impresses everyone.

  • No Need to Fold Pants and Sleeves:
    The most important thing about You don’t have to fold your pants at the bottom or your sleeves like your tiny friends.

  • No Sharing of Clothes:
    Thanks to your height because with the help of it you never have to share your shoes and clothes with anyone not even with your own siblings.

  • Breathe in Crowds:
    Being able to breathe in crowds unlike your tiny friends who are battling suffocation because you feel
    yourself as a self-assured.

  • Not more young child:
    You don’t have to go through the embarrassment of being mistaken for a kid at the amusement park or restaurants.

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