NTS GAT Subject Test Examination Guidelines

GAT Subject Exam Guidelines 2021

  • Here on this page we have given instructions for GAT-Subject test by NTS. The aspirants are instructed to read and follow these instructions carefully; Reach the examination center on time, the time that is mentioned on candidate’s roll number slips The aspirants will not be permitted to enter in examination hall after the given time.
  • All the aspirants are required to show their Roll Number Slips to staff present at the entrance of the examination centre. However, the aspirants not having roll number slips will not be permitted to enter in examination center.
  • The question booklets will be given to candidates in five different turns. Though, each question booklet will be sealed and will be opened by the candidate at the start of the test. Candidates are instructed not to break the seal till the test starts.
  •  No applicant will be permitted to leave the seat after the test start excluding for some main causes such as for use of toilet.
  • All papers will be collected at the end of the test from applicants and no applicant will be permitted to leave the seat till the last counting of all the papers.
  • The candidates are not allowed to take calculators, cell phones and also the wrist watches along with calculator with them in examination center.
  • Shading or the filling of two answers only for one question will be deliberated wrong and it will result in negative marking (zero).
  • Over-writing and cutting near to the answer circle or anywhere on answer sheet will disturb the readability and might be marked ZERO in the accurate answer circle.
  • The aspirants are only permitted to use blue or black ball point for shading on correct answers circles.
  • The candidate must not bring any other stationary item comprising of the rough or additional sheets as two blank papers for rough work are placed inside the Question booklet.
  • The use of any other item that is not given by the authority or by the staff of examination center will be disqualified and it will also result in strict reaction.
  • The aspirant must not write anything on Question booklet not including his or her Name, Roll Number as well as Sign on the front title of Question Booklet before solving the paper.
  • The question booklet will be taken back by the staff when the test is over. That’s why any candidates don’t try to tear or remove any page from the question booklet. No candidate is allowed to keep any part of the question booklet.
  • The candidates are also instructed not to ask the invigilation staff about the content of the question. The staff is not permitted to explain or not allowed to correct any sort of question given in the paper. The checking system of the paper has the ability to determine the invalid or the wrong questions and it can adjust as per by the previous question.
  • Each candidate is required to sign the attendance sheet that is brought to him or her by the examiners. The roll number slips will also be docile by the staff after its completion.
  • The candidate is confined to follow the rules and disciplines of NTS till he or she leave the boundaries of the test center.
  • Any type of disturbance that is by the candidate will ban the applicant from the test and NTS has the rights to take a legal action against this violence / act.
  • The chief supervisor has the authority to cancel the paper at any time if he feels the actions of the applicant in opposition to the discipline.
  • One printed answer sheet will be provided to each candidate to answer the questions. The candidates can only use black or blue pen for shading or filling the circles. The other relevant materials are not allowed in the examination center.
  • The answer sheet comprises of the five circles having five choices of answer for each question, which consists of alphabets from A to E inside, against every question. The aspirant is required to completely shade or fill the circle that he or she thinks that it is correct. For example if the candidate feels that that the right answer for the given question is 'A', then he or she must shade or fill the circle having alphabet 'A' along with the ball point.
  • The answer sheet comprises of the private data of aspirants on the topmost of the sheet. The information comprises of the candidate’s Father Name, candidate’s name, Roll No. and also the Photograph of candidate. The candidate is sternly advice to check these fields and also the sign in the essential space. If candidate found any field of the private information wrong then he / she must inform the supervisor present in the examination center.
GAT Subject

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    21 Sep 2019

    Kindly hlp me.. gat subject that is arranged for pHD by NTS have quanttitaive section or not

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    10 Feb 2017

    what is what who is who


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