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MPhil Biochemistry is a two years post-graduate program with 4 semesters. It is a research-based degree program. Masters in biochemistry is a key discipline to all branches of Biology. It deals with the chemical nature, energetic, function, structure and pathways of synthesis and degradation of simple to complex biological molecules to understand the different aspects of molecular functions in development process, health and disease with applications in Biotechnology, Medicine and Microbiology fields.
Biochemistry has a number of uses in the medical field such as biochemists are responsible for integrating drugs for treating a variety of conditions. Students should select Biochemistry program if they have interests in the following subjects.
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Research 
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Agriculture
  • Nutrition
  • Natural science


Specialization Or Majors Of MS/MPhil Biochemistry

Main areas of specialization or research in biochemistry are:
  • General biochemistry
  • Molecular biology
  • Nutrition and metabolism

Scope And Career Of MS/MPhil Biochemistry

Masters in Biochemistry has a large and growing market scope in Pakistan. Post graduates can effectively work in both the public and private organizations, such as in public or private hospitals. 
Pharmaceutical firms always hunt for biochemistry professionals. One of the most beneficent options for a growing biochemist is research and development jobs. They are involved with physicists, chemists , engineers, healthcare professionals and policymakers.
Career and growth opportunities in Biochemistry are virtually infinite. Hospitals, government agencies, private research institutions and non-profit organizations are all in search of good biochemists.
There are following opportunities in this field:
Food Analyst:
They are assigned with quality assurance of food products and exposure of any contamination.
Agro chemist:

Their job is to improve agricultural fields produced by studying conditions that enhance this process. Such as study of climate, water, soil characteristics etc. 
Their job is to conduct research and propose guidelines for the agriculture industry, drug industry, food industry, etc. Their research is broadcast in national and international journals.
There are other many organizations for job opportunities in this program:
  • Hospitals
  • Agricultural firms
  • Food production companies 
  • Research Based institutes
  • Education and associated areas
  • Pharmaceutical industries Research related agricultural industries and institutions
  • Provincial and Federal government Departments


Working Hours: 

Biochemists work during office hours. Individuals working for private organizations are to comply with their terms and policies.

What are the Biochemist Salaries in Pakistan?

The average Biochemist salary in Pakistan is 30,000 to 100,000 per month. It starts at 30,000 per month while experienced workers make up to 100,000 per month easily.


Skills And Learning Outcomes Of MS/MPhil Biochemistry

This degree program specifies the primary program and represents “Specialization in Pathology and Experimental Medicine.”
If you want to be elected for a teaching profession as a career, you must have excellent presentation and communication skills and a confident personality.
  • You will be able to study the chemistry of living processes, such as breathing, cell development and digestion and also living energy changes such as growth, fermenting, and death.
  • You will have excellent penetrating skills, knowledge of research methodology and research work will help you greatly expand/grow in this field.
  • You will also be able to develop new methods to study the techniques of biological processes.
  • Study the chemical fundamentals and processes of living systems such as plants, viruses, microorganisms, insects and mammals to explain how and why chemical reactions develop.
  • Work with all sorts of organisms roaming from viruses and bacteria to plants and human beings.
  • Will be able to work in advanced research laboratories.
  • Develop and eliminate tests to detect diseases and other abnormalities.

Related Programs 

  • Master of Science in Biochemistry 
  • MSc in Human and Molecular Genetics 
  • MSc in Bioinformatics 
  • Masters in Biomedical science 
  • Masters in biotechnology 
  • MSc in biochemical engineering
  • Masters in bioinformatics
  • Biotechnology and genetic engineering
  • Masters in marine biology
  • Doctorate in Philosophy Biochemistry
  • MSc in chemical biology
  • Masters in molecular biology
  • MSc Cellular and Molecular Medicine Specialization in Pathology and Experimental Medicine 
  • MSc Microbiology and Immunology Specialization in Pathology and Experimental Medicine
  • MSc Neuroscience Specialization in Pathology and Experimental Medicine

MS/MPhil Biochemistry Duration And Credit Hours 

  • It is a 2 years degree program with at least 50 credit hours.
  • Further Programs After MS Biochemistry
  • PHD in Human and Molecular Genetics 
  • PHD Biochemistry
  • PHD Specialization in Pathology and Experimental Medicine 
  • PHD Microbiology and Immunology
  • PHD Neuroscience

Fee Structure Of MS/MPhil Biochemistry

Fee structure University of management and technology for MPhil biochemistry program
Learning Investment 549000
Quarterly Fee 68625

Punjab university fee structure of MPhil biochemistry (For regular)

1st semester  22,575
2nd semester  18,100
3rd semester  21,659
4th semester  19,684

Punjab university fee structure of MPhil biochemistry (For self)

1st semester  82,995
2nd semester  78,970
3rd semester  82,495
4th semester  78,970

Zia Uddin medical college fee structure of MS biochemistry program

Application fee  5000
Admission fee 50,000
Tution fee per semester  79,750
Examination fee per semester  11,500
Defense fee thesis 50,000

(NUMS) national university of management sciences fee structure for MPhil program

Tuition fee  136,000

Note: Registration fee is 4500 if the students are not already registered.


Syllabus And Courses of MS/MPhil Biochemistry

Elective Courses Credit hours
Advances in Biochemical Techniques 3
Advances in Clinical Biochemistry 3
Food Biochemistry 3
Protein Structure, Function and
Advanced Bioinformatics 3
Signal Transduction 3
Biochemistry of Drugs and their
Applied Biostatistics 3
Carbohydrates and Lipids Structure, Function and Metabolism 3
Protein structure and Metabolism 3
Single Transduction and Endocrinology 3
Advances in Biochemical Techniques and
Clinical Biochemistry
Research Methodology 3
Food and Nutrition Biochemistry 3
Basic Physiology 3
General Pathology 3


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