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  • Solved Full Length Papers
  • Lectures' written notes
  • Free Books for fast revision

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Why you must enrol in Online MDCAT Program?

  1. Best instructors who have objective to make students get full marks in their course.
  2. You get access to each and every concept through the video lectures.
  3. Repeat, pause, and forward each lecture as many times as you want. Repeat until you understand all the concepts.
  4. Nearpeer instructors are available for you 24/7. Ask question even at 1am in the night and you’ll get your answers.
  5. You also get all the lecture notes so that you can revise what was covered in the video lectures.
  6. You get 5000+ MCQs along with solutions for never ending practice. Questions after each topic and subtopic. Now you can make sure there is no question left unpracticed before your exam!
  7. Based on your quiz performances, we can tell what topics you’re weak in, what are you strong at. We can tell you how good or bad are you in managing time per question. So now, you can focus on your weak areas and ensure success in MDCAT.
  8. You get access of Full Length paper discussions (FLPs) so that you gain confidence over your understanding and practice of each and every topic.
  9. No travel required at all. Study at the comfort of your home. All the courses are accessible through your laptop or smartphone. Now give more time to self-study.
  10. Start studying today and have access to our lectures and teachers till your MDCAT Test day.
  11. The most reasonable price: Rs. 10,000/- only for the entire MDCAT course with unlimited access.
  12. Better than attending physical academies in number of ways.



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    Daud Baloch 22 / Jan / 2019

    Q.Vocal cords are stretched across? a)Glottis b)Larynx

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