University Of Peshawar Will Conduct Online Exams and There Will Be No Exams On Campus

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  • 16-Feb-2021

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The Peshawar University is a public research university which is located in Peshawar. It is a prestigious university which is rated as one of the best universities in the country. Peshawar University has decided to conduct all of the examinations online. Last week it was said that the university has cancelled all its on-campus exams, due to the protests held by the students for online examinations after months of online classes.

This statement has subdued the masses and now Peshawar University is one of the first universities which would be conducting the exams for the fall semester online. This move can be a factor which could potentially initiate more protests all over the country, by students who want their examinations to be held online as well. As students had to face a pandemic and study in unprecedented conditions they feel it is only right that their exams be conducted keeping that in mind. If we look at the past papers, exams conducted previously were after a normal year however, this year the students demand online tests.

Students Protests in Punjab

However, on the very same day in Lahore, the police registered FIRs against 500 students who were protesting outside University of Central Punjab. The FIRs were registered because the police had thought that the students were armed while they were protesting and continued to protest albeit receiving multiple warnings. Two completely different outcome of student protests in different parts of the country.

Students all over the country are demanding for their examinations to be either held online or be postponed. As they feel that the online classes system was not effective and they faced many issues while they were learning.

Protests started springing up all over the country, with students demanding justice in examination process, witnessing this universities like University of Management and Technology have decided to postpone their exams.

Government Intervention

Earlier this month Shafqat Mehmood stated that the HEC would consult with the Varsities over the matter however, the final decision would still be in the hands of the management. For more updates on online exams and smart syllabus visit our website!


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