Most Prestigious Scholarships In The World in 2020 For Pakistani Students

  • 20-Nov-2019

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Scholarships provides financial assistance to the students who require aid in order to afford studying abroad.

The student can realize their dreams to their fullest with the help of scholarships, it help the deserving students in making an investment for their future. has categorized some of the scholarships as popular scholarships based on their popularity amongst the students. Theses scholarships are popular because of the following features-

  1. The scholarships provides much more financial benefits than any other scholarship as, complete tuition fee waiver, Health and other insurances, stipend money for living expenses.
  2. The number of awards in large. There is huge number of students that are provided with this scholarship. Not just hundreds but thousands benefit from it.
  3. The Pakistani student is eligible to apply for all these scholarships.
  4. These scholarships are provided by prestigious universities and government institutions that definitely are ready to provide anything and everything to foster the brilliant minds. This provides an overall development for the workforce.
  5. These scholarships are generally available for a lot of programs available at many universities across the whole country.

The features of the popular scholarships on are –

Overview of the scholarship- provides a brief description about the financers of the scholarship and the various provisions of the scholarship, so that the Pakistani student gets a clear view or overall idea about the scholarship.

Programs offered

this section is for the student to check the diverse list of the Programs for which the popular scholarship is available and also the institutions for which the Pakistani student can avail them.

Benefits of the scholarship

The benefits of the scholarship is the amount that is awarded to the student after completion of the scholarship formalities. The popular scholarships have a huge amount to offer, that would definitely pay off most of the expenditure of the student abroad.

Eligibility – has gathered all the information with regard to the grounds of scrutinizing the students for the scholarship. Eligibilities are generally according to the nationality, academic excellence and the score of English proficiency tests.

How to apply

The particulars about the documentation and detailed application procedures are mentioned in the How to apply section.

There are links made available to the official websites where all the documents are to be submitted, all the information has been provided in a step wise manner for the ease of the students.

Dates and deadlines

A detailed information with regard to the deadlines of the scholarships are provided so that the student completes all the formalities in due time.

Number of Scholarships

This gives the student an idea about the chances of their consideration for the scholarship.  If the scholarship lies within the limits of their capacities or not.

Frequently asked Questions welcomes all the queries. The students who are seeking consultation from our website can ask any questions about popular scholarships and other study abroad related information they require.

For the convenience of the student a quick facts section in the Popular Scholarships has been created, in order to provide a complete overview of the scholarship in the form of facts. 


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