Masters in Statistics


Masters in Statistics learn about the various relationships between group's measurements in order to achieve specific data for analysis in this particular programme. They determine how staples of statistics, such as probability theory and regression analysis, can be applied to real-world situations. Statistics Program allows the students a certain amount of freedom when it comes to choosing a specific area of the field on which to focus. Statistics is a wide branch of mathematics and students can choose to specialize in areas such as linear models, statistical genetics and bioinformatics.

Career Options

Statisticians are in demand in several different fields. They must produce and analyze that data that can affect an entire business or organization. Some specific jobs available for graduates of a master's degree program in statistics include:

  • Actuarial scientist
  • Bio mathematician
  • Biostatician
  • Educational testing statistician
  • Medical statistician
  • Bio informational statistician
  • Public health statistician
  • Risk analysis statistician

Major Subjects

  • Probability
  • Applied statistical methods
  • Research for statistics
  • Statistical computations and analysis
  • Methods in multivariate analysis
  • Biostatistics and data analysis
  • Statistical Methods
  • Probability and Probability Distributions
  • Design and Analysis of Experiments
  • Sampling Techniques
  • SPSS and Practical based on Statistical Methods
  • Practical based on. Probability and Probability Distributions
  • Practical based on Design and Analysis of Experiments
  • Practical based on Sampling Techniques
  • Statistical Inference
  • Regression Analysis and Econometrics
  • Data Processing and Computer Programming
  • Practical based on Statistical Inference
  • Practical based on. Regression Analysis and Econometrics
  • Statistical Quality Control
  • Population and Demographic Method
  • Operations Research
  • Survey and Report Writing
  • Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • Stochastic Process

Admission Requirements

Requirements for Masters in Statistics:

  • Candidate should have 14 years of education.
  • Candidates should have graduate degree from recognized college or university.
  • A background in a social science will be a plus point but not essential feature.
  • Candidates who are more than 26 years old shall not be entitled for admissions unless relaxation is granted by the Vice Chancellor for special reasons on the recommendations of the Chairman.
  • Foreign students must route their applications through the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan.
  • Admission will be made on merit, subject to the regional quota.

(These rules are applied for government universities of Pakistan)

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