Masters in Mycology & Plant Pathology


Masters in Mycology & Plant Pathology is scientific study programme of plant diseases. The study is related to the plants. The area of study is about the maintenance of plants health. Plant pathology has its roots in basic biological and physical sciences. It involves the study of pathogens at the genetic, biochemical, physiological, cellular, population and community levels. This study is integrated into agricultural practices.

Career Options

There are different career options in this field of study, like

  • Agricultural Economics
    Agricultural Economists may find opportunities in
    • Administration, management
    • Financial advising
    • Market price forecaster
    • Agricultural statistician
    • Farm credit analyst
    • Managers of farm supply
    • Commodity analyst
  • Botany
    Career in Botany can be highly rewarding for those who are allured with the aesthetic beauty of nature and flora. Botany as a field of plant science offers various specialties as well as career openings from which you can choose from, for both male and female.
    Various career fields in botany are
    • Plant Taxonomists
    • Ethnobotanists
    • Pathologists
    • Palaeobotanists
    • Palynologists
    • Plant cytologists
    • Plant geneticists
    • Plant ecologists
    • Plant Scientists
    • Weed Scientists
  • Economics
    Opportunities for economics academicians are
    • Finance sector
    • Urban and rural development
    • Foreign trade
    • Colleges and universities
    • Government service
      Economics professionals are employed as
    • economic analyst
    • finance economist
    • econometrician
    • economic advisor
    • economist

Major Subjects

  • Fungal Plant Pathology
  • Plant Virology
  • Plant Bacteriology
  • Plant Nematology
  • Ecology and Epidemiology of Plant Diseases
  • Biochemistry and Physiology of Diseased Plants
  • Genetics of Plant Pathogens
  • Seed Pathology
  • Integrated Plant Disease Management
  • Post-Harvest Pathology
  • Biology and Cultivation of Edible Fungi
  • Insects in Relation to Plant Diseases
  • Forest and shade tree Pathology
  • Urban Plant Pathology
  • Plant Quarantine and SPS measures
  • Advances in Plant Pathology
  • Molecular Plant Virology
  • Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions
  • Biological Control of Plant Pathogens

Admission Requirements

Requirements for Masters in Mycology & Plant Pathology:

  • Candidate should have 14 years of education.
  • Candidates should have graduate degree from recognized college or university. A background in a social science will be a plus point but not essential feature.
  • Candidates who are more than 26 years old shall not be entitled for admissions unless relaxation is granted by the Vice Chancellor for special reasons on the recommendations of the Chairman.
  • Foreign students must route their applications through the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan.
  • Admission will be made on merit, subject to the regional quota.

(These rules are applied for government universities of Pakistan)

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  • Shoaib Khan 20 / Jun / 2018

    what fee for pathology in gc univeristy

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