Jhelum is the headquarter of the Jhelum district and located in the Punjab Province, the overall literacy rate in this region is 79% and considered among the highest literacy rate in the Pakistan. Various educational institutions are offering their services to educate the community of Jhelum.

Colleges/Universities in Jhelum are providing their best and finest educational services for the students of Jhelum and they can get benefit from the offered services of these institutions. Two major universities also have their sub campuses in this region and offered the higher standard programs for the community of Jhelum.

Among the List of colleges/Universities in Jhelum, University of the Punjab, Virtual University of Pakistan, three Women Degree colleges and six Boys degree Colleges, eight technical training institutes, seven commerce colleges, one law and medical colleges have made a lot of contribution to increase the literacy trend in Jhelum.

Colleges/Universities in Hyderabad are offering their unique educational services for the students to build the healthy sound mind nation. You can see the list of educational institutes from here just in one place