Become ilmkidunya Representative at your college/university believes in the philosophy of helping each other, helping students and helping education in Pakistan. We are taking applications for voluntary representatives of at colleges & universities accros Pakistan.

Become's College Rep is launching its representative program. This means we'll he createing a network of our representatives in all colleges and universities of Pakistan with the name "College Reps".

The criteria for College Reps is simple but still we will prefer those students who are active on college/university premises. We want to bring those students into our network who want to share information with other students and help them in any possible way. Given below is further details to help you understand the College Rep program.

Responsibilities of College Reps will provide a special panel on the website which will only be used by College Reps. Key responsibilities of College Reps will be as under:

  1. Keep their college page information update
  2. Share latest admission news on ilmkidunya
  3. Share latest news, photos & videos of their college life on ilmkidunya
  4. If any student ask a question about their college, College Reps should answer
  5. Advise any new students who want to get admission at their college/uni

Benefits of being a College Rep

The College Reps program is 100% voluntary registration which means the College Reps will not be paid any salary or stipend. However, there will be a lot to learn, great exciting events and more.

  1. Special invitation to different events
  2. Invitations to dinner or get together
  3. Annual awards for College Reps
  4. We'll post pictures of College Reps on official College/Uni page on ilmkidunya
  5. College Reps will have the chance to stand out and be popular in their college/uni
  6. College Reps will have the change to help other students
  7. A lot of new networking, new friends, new connections

The Registration Process

The College Reps registration process is very simple. Here is how you do it:

  1. Register on as a student.
  2. Login to your Member Panel and find the link 'Become College Rep'
  3. Fill out the ‘College Rep Application Form'.
  4. Wait for around a week, our team will call you and take on phone interview.
  5. If approved, you'll be give full guidance on how to start your work as College Rep.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • What is the criteria of acceptance for College Reps?
    Applicants must be regular students of a college or university. Our team looks for dynamic individuals who are ready to help other students with right information.
  • How many College Reps are accepted in one college or university?
    We'll assign maximum one representative per small college. However, for large colleges or universities, we'll appoint mul tiple representatives.
  • Is there any registration fee?
    No fee at all. Just fill out our 'Become College Rep' form and wait for our phone interview call.
  • Do you pay to your College Reps?
    Ans We don't. However, we do offer other incentives. Read our "Benefits of being a College Rep" section on this page.
  • I have a question which is not answered here. What to do?
    Contact us at or call us at: 042-35781668 and we'll be happy to answer your query.


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