What is the significance of CIMA-CGMA?

Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) is the most valuable accounting qualification for a career in business by Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) as it is the world’s largest professional institute for management accountants, with the aims to help individuals and businesses to succeed by making useful the full power of management accounting – not just the balance sheets, but accounting for business.

What are key differences between financial and management accountant?

As a financial accountant, you would:

  • prepare reports based on past performance.
  • produce required financial information to be used across other roles in a business.

As a management accountant, you would:

  • gather information on revenue, cash flow and outstanding debts to spot trends, gather stats, and write reports that help your company make decisions — from day-to-day management to corporate strategy.
  • combine financial and non-financial data to paint a complete picture of the business. Then use that to drive the success of the business

What is the minimum general requirement to start with CIMA qualifications?

You do not need a degree to start with CIMA qualifications after school or college. Anyone can work towards becoming a CGMA designation holder, whether new or an experienced professional. Only a good understanding of Mathematics and English is required. Exemptions are also available if you already have relevant qualifications.

What is the duration for CIMA Cert. BA and CIMA Professional Qualification?

The CIMA Cert. BA usually last for approximately 12-18 months which will mainly depend on your prior knowledge and availability to study while the duration for Professional Qualifications lasts for approximately 3-6 years.

Any work experience needed to start with CIMA qualification?

No work experience is needed for the entry in Cert. BA as it is the basic qualification level in CIMA.

When is the starting time for the CIMA qualification?

There are no starting and end dates for the Cert BA and Professional qualification, you can register and start studying all year round.

What is the syllabus for Professional Qualifications?

The syllabus for Professional Qualifications is split into three pillars and three levels of progression, and comprises of 12 exams of which nine are Objective Tests, and three are Case Study exams. For further details please follow the link below:

CIMA Global Qualification

What is the importance of CIMA Islamic Finance Qualification?

The CIMA Islamic finance qualifications will give you a thorough understanding of the principles that underpin Islamic finance. However, the Islamic Finance Qualification have not been introduced in Pakistan as yet. They are currently being offered in Europe and soon it will be offered in Pakistan as well.

What are the possible career options after acquiring CIMA qualifications?

The CIMA qualifications are designed in a way that allow people to work in a wide range of roles from finance to consultancy, IT to senior management positions. Here are some of the roles you could work in after getting CGMA designation holder.

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