People can start studying with CIMA at different stages of life. So whether you are an experienced or new to business and accounting, CIMA have you covered for you to become CGMA designation holder.


  • Qualify sooner – don’t need a degree to start studying for CGMA
  • Get a head start in the job market by combining study with employment
  • Once you have completed CIMA Cert. BA, you can move up to CIMA Professional Qualification
  • Matriculation, Intermediate, O-levels & A-levels

You do not need a degree to start a successful career after college. By training for CGMA with CIMA you can bypass university and head straight for the world of business.


  • Graduate in any degree discipline can study for CGMA designation
  • Exemptions are available if you have completed a relevant degree
  • You can start studying while at university
  • Upto 4 paper exemptions for Bcom(2 years) , Bcom(Honors),Bsc (Accounting and Finance) BBA and similar programmes with major in accounting.

Studying for CGMA with CIMA after university and boosting your degree with professional qualification is a good career move. You will have new, employable business skills and experience as you will be able to impress potential employers just by adding ‘CIMA student’ to your CV!

You can even start studying while you are at university and gradate with head start in the job market. Graduate in any discipline can study for CGMA but if you already have a relevant degree like accounting or business you could qualify for exemptions from some exams. This will let you move on the CIMA Professional Qualification sooner.


  • MBA/Mcom/Msc Accounting have special entry route that is Master’s Gateway entry route (11 exemptions out of 16 CIMA exams).
  • Skip exams and qualify sooner
  • Be equipped with the up-to-date knowledge and practical experience employers are looking for

If you hold Master’s in Accounting or MBA degree, you can take fast track Master’s Gateway route to the CGMA designation.


  • Exclusive for Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and senior management
  • Go straight to the final exam of the professional qualification – Strategic Case Study (SCS) exam
  • Upon successful completion of the SCS exam and the relevant work experience, you can qualify for CIMA membership and earn the professional global designation of CGMA


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