Post Modernization

Post modernization is a gradual process of alteration of Gemeinschaft society (tradition society) into Gasellschaft, Society (industrialized society) through technology, steam flow of information and its practical implementation for the betterment of human being.

Post modernization is a beneficent fruit of the efforts which were made by four social Revolutions for the betterment and prosperity of human being through education information, inventions and diffusion of various social culture. That’s why information plays its vital role in post modernization. Because social change, modernization inventions, discoveries diffusion, Industrialization, innovation, development in society, life securing medicine luxurious and comfortable life, better transportation and easy access to all sorts of information to 24 hours connection with people a future planning for many continues and exploration of new and others worlds in cosmos and same as conquer of the moon is the result of Information.

As for as the concern of Post modernization in social change perspective practical implementation of information is the key Point because there are many theories which yet not be given technical shape so, they are not is general masses. That’s why they aren’t much influential stimuli for social change.

But against it there is Carl Markistic Theory which is turned in to capitalistic and applicable theory and it is not only existing but also dominating theory, and every one who is little bit familiar with any concept of economy is well known with capitalism theory. And same as there are some theories which has given technological shape are dominating theories as cell phone computer and Automobiles. All these devises where established on some certain theory but now these theories has turned into technology, that’s why these devices not only their own operators, maintenance but also they have a vest rang of its influences.


CELL PHONE is a communicational device which connects common people with each other around the clock but when we analyze its impacts in society we can observe an immense change in socio culture behavior, cell phone mania has broadened our vision create a sense of caring for women rights because in laws waste an easy job not only made phone which not only made the mother independent but also madder has life and right secure now she can have here cell phone to be connected with her friends relatives and others. Even schools going innocent girls are given cell phone to be connected with the family. And this is amazing fact that the usage of cell phone is not Worst. After having cell phone they are more careful and responsible regarding the social responsibilities. This usage of technology has created an other sort of positive social change cell phone has established many others business Ladies first has also changed our values. So we can Technology brings give bellow changes in our society.

  1. Transformation of Existing Technology
  2. Change in social organization
  3. Change in ideology
  4. Transformation of social relation ship
  5. Transformation of social values


The Change is the Pivotal of social change. As you know every passing moment brings a newer version of any existing technology so every never version replaces the already functioning technology. It is also beneficial because it not only reduces the rate of the devices but also makes it easy to the Have note class to enjoy these staties symbols Technology in its result use can analysis the impacts of these devices, which is the basic content of social change.


Steam flow of information has introduced the concepts of social organization. In Gemienschaft society there is individual work for whole process of any production. So production speed is very slow but of workers are gathered in a group and they have assigned there some certain task they will prove their profession skill in their field of specialization and it will also enhance their production speed. It means quality and quantity at the same time. For the better production social organizations are organized in some production houses but incoming ear, i.e. in post modernization social organizations will prove an important role. These social organizations will prove an important will lead our communities towards Global Village.


Ideologies and doctrine of life has changed because of technology and information’s Pak India line of control is being considered a bloody line and it is promoting and eventually our elite class well coming these ideas. As for as the sociology context, Carl Marks introduce new ideology of socialism, which is a smashing ideology against capitalism. And this ideology has been adopted by many societies and it is functional ideological system in these countries.


Technology and steam flow of information has changed our values, rituals, customs and social Norms. Before 20years it was an unethical task to listen any kind of music with in the family but now this trend has changed now music is every where, in mobiles there F.Ms down loaded music, vibrant and shrieking music in Cars, loud music at home, disco dance clubs even in offices during the working hours music is on, our advertisement, dramas, movies, even our curriculum is adorned with music, its mean music has change all the phenomenon.


Technology has changed all of our social relation ship we are all alone while living at our own home because when we get up early in the morning daddy is at his office, mom is ready to go for her social work or her job all siblings are also ready for their schools colleges and universities, here comes Individuality, if you are infant baby you would be brought up in such a atmosphere where mother and father are stranger for him so this infant baby is growing up in such a environment where relations aren’t any considerable or valuable thing. That’s why He/She is an individual in social life, he/she has its own vision field of interest takings and disliking now he a mature one he / she has started his / her job matrimonial life off springs but parents are where?

Now they are facing the consequences of the neglect ion of their baby. They have need of their children but they have started their individual life so parents are nothing for them old Homes and Isolate life waits for them for ever This is ultimate consequence of Technology.

This situation is the ad venting points of Post Modernization where individual hard determination, individual contribution in society be comes a fruitful effort to make everything a purchasable commodity.

Here is chart, which can make you to understand basic differences between Gemeinscheft and Gasselschaft societies.

General Characteristics
Social change Slow Rapid
Size of group Small Large
Religious orientation More Less
Formal education No Yes
Place of resident Rural Urban
Demographic transition First stage Third Stage
Family Size Larger Smaller
Infant mortality High Low
Life Expectancy Short Long
Health care Home Hospital
Temporal orientation Past Future
Material Relations
Industrialized No Yes
Technology Simple Complex
Division of labor Simple Complex
Economic sector Primary Tertiary
Income Low High
Material possessions Few Many
Social Relationship
Basic organization Geminschaft Gesellschaft
Families Extended Nuclear
Respect for elders More Less
Social stratification Rigid More open
Statuses More ascribed More achieved
View of reality, life And morals Absolute Relativistic
Social control Informal Formal
Tolerance of differences Less More

After evaluation of Post modernization we i.e. Gemeinschaft community peoples suffer from an other obstacle, which is called cultural Lag theory. It Technology has been imposed to us because we rushed towards it because of its attraction but being a traditional society we are not mentally read to let to be function in our society. Here comes basically generation gap. Our parents are basically the defender of the Theory but new generation is the representative of modern society. Let’s See who is the Dominating and Ruling power of coming era.

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