Media made mind-A threat to human perception

It will be unjust to ignore the significance of media particularly in democratic societies and competitive markets that function through the efficient persuasion of large widespread audiences. But unfortunately Mass media have now evolved to the point where conflicting media messages constantly bombard us. How do we select what to attend to and what to believe? Mass media often focus on what’s within the frame and ignore its context and so distort its meaning and significance.

The result is that repeated replays of a rare or isolated event that’s emotionally charged come across as being common in the minds of those who can’t get beyond their personal emotion into the event’s cultural context. Common examples are political promises to increase services and reduce taxes, ads that indicate that a product is improved (but don’t say over what), TV drug commercials that begin with clearly promised positive results, but end with a rapid incomprehensible listing of the dangers associated with the medicine etc.

This trend is leading towards the media dependency habit among the public and any wrong number may led them toward misconception as a result human personal perception underdog. Public minds and perceptions are dictated by the growing dependency upon media. We often depend on informed trustworthy friend’s advice in many of our decisions. Mass media exploit this tendency by using celebrities and hired actors who look friendly and trustworthy to persuade a hopefully gullible audience.

In the present political, social, economic and even religious matters, the voice and conception of populace have become the thrall of rootless stimulation, spread by media. Media performs the role of wedding hall or Randy (Horny) woman that is to act under the directions of buyer for the fixed time and duration. I would not like to mention any of these hirer of media, who sometime favor one politician and the next day favor others when time and duration of contract end.

Wow...this trend is nicely illustrated by hyder Ali Danish ”BADALTHA HAIN RANG ASMAN KESAY KESAY” The cheap, inexpensive availability of websites offers the stream of information which may not be certified, aberrant human perception from reality. Similarly most of the student rely on net material and on the ideas of different analysts and as a result they are out of the utilization of their own sights and perception when conducting their thesis and other academic work. Shortly, nowadays media dependency has reached to an extent that every individual have become LAKEER KA FAQEER (to go about the same old beaten path) of media, speaks the language of media which threatens human perception at alarming rate.




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