Matric, Inter Students to be Promoted Without Exams with 3% Increase in Marks

According to sources the Federal Minister of Education Shafqat Mehmood on 14th May has announced via press conference that the students of Matric and intermediate would be promoted to the next class. He said in his press conference that the students of 9th and 11th class would be promoted who have passed all the subjects of 9th and 10th class.

“Those students who have appeared in 9th and 11th class exams will be promoted to next class”, he said.

He said in his press conference that the National Coordination Committee (NCC) had decided a few days back that the educational institutes of all kinds will stay closed till 15th July. Secondly they decided the board’s exams will not be conducted. All the students will be promoted with different strategies. So regarding that a conference was held today and the interprovincial education ministers of all boards were invited and we united made some basic decisions regarding exams of board classes which related to promotion of students.

Approximately 4 million students this year decided to appear in exams and we were not in a position to take risk of their health by conducting exams. The question was we cannot waste one year of these students. After detailed discussion over the issue we have made some decisions.

There students are divided into different categories and according to their category the students will be promoted.

“Those students who have given exams of 9th and 11th will be promoted to 10th and 12th class.”

All regular and private candidates will be promoted according to this category. These students will not be entitled to give composite exams Matric and intermediate. It was also under consideration that these students will appear for composite exams in 10th and 12th class. Their result of 9th and 11th class will be calculated on the basis of the result of the 10th and 12th class.

Those candidates who have passed the 9th and 11th class already, will be promoted according to their result in the previous class. But there is one addition to the decision that these students will get 3% extra marks in 10th and 12th class. The statistics of previous results shows that students perform better in 10th and 12th class.

The 3rd category of students is those who have failed up to 40% of their subjects. Such students will be given passing marks.

Shafqat Mehmood also said that some students do not fall under these categories. For example those candidates who are not satisfied with their 11th class results and they think they can perform better if they appear in 12th class exams. Secondly those students who have not given the 11th class exams and were going to appear for composite exams so they do not have 11th class transcript. 3rd those students who wanted to appear in selected subjects like those students who want to appear for mathematics’ exams after leaving FSC pre medical.

4th those students who have failed more than 40% of the subjects, all these students will have to appear for a special exam which would be mandatory. These special exams will possibly be taken in September or October based on the situation.

The 12th class transcript will only include the total number of 12th class. There won’t be subject wise marks on the transcript by doubling the 9th and 11th class marks with 3% extra marks. The board will mention in the transcript that this result is the best prediction of their performance.

He advised the students who want to appear for special exams to indicate to their respective board that they want to appear for a special exam till 1st July 2020.

At the end of the press conference he said that all these decisions were made by the interprovincial boards conference.

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  • A

    Alina 18 / May / 2020

    i am a private candidate and i was giving composite exam. According to the policy i have to give special exam i just want to ask that i have to give both 11th or 12th exam or i just have to give 12th exams.. Plzzzz reply me

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    • A

      Admin 19 / May / 2020

      Those who were giving combine exam at a time they will give exam

  • S

    Shahooq 17 / May / 2020

    Sir 3% marks 1st year k marks ki 3% mily gi ya total marks ki 3% mily gi

    • M

      Muhammad Nadir Khan 16 / May / 2020

      Sir,i have a supply of math both first and second year.How numbers give me those subjects.

      • Z

        Zubair 16 / May / 2020

        Sir, i want to ask that my marks are in 9th 497 if 3% is increased what will be my result

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