How to Utilize Sample Papers and Past Papers to get good grades in Exams

Nowadays students are struggling to cope with the stress of the upcoming board exams. Despite having revised the syllabus of all the subjects, many students often sense some lacking .This could not be expressed but in their intuition they felt that something great is missing which could affect the exam performance.

It is a fact that simply completing the syllabi is not sufficient. For these career-based exams some tools should be adopted to get extra help in solving papers .What could be those tools? The most productive tools are Sample papers and Past papers. Sample papers and Past papers are ideal solution to practice for exams. In preparing for upcoming exams, such tools can excel your learning skills in limited time.

Buy valid and specific sample papers:

Bookstalls are selling a bunch of sample papers right a month before the exams begin. Students become anxious to buy all of them for a strategic exam preparation .Randomly purchasing these papers is not a good idea as you have to be quite selective and specific for the subject and the associated sample paper.

Your current prelim or Mock exam is the real guess:

The recently held prelim or Mock exam papers are the real guess for the upcoming exams. Go through them again and again and try to dig out questions on the same patterns .If you are not satisfied with your few papers, ask a friend from another institute to share his prelim or mock paper with you and you should share your with him. Mark the common question and take them as the real expected guess.

Mark the common Questions and Topics:

Ask a bunch of good students that which publisher delivered the most valid pattern of sample paper don’t get every publisher as a bulk of these sample paper will make you confuse .Compare the questioner with your school prelim paper and prioritize the topic which look significant.

Solve the past papers topically:

Past papers are the genuine aid .Try to solve as many past papers as you can .After you complete learning a unit or a topic ,open your past paper folder and try to solve all the relevant question.

Be vigilant about the prescribed Syllabus:

Open your eyes to the current exam syllabus .This often happens that a month before the board reviewed the syllabus again ,therefore be vigilant and re-read the exam syllabus and solve only those questions from your past papers or sample papers that are included in your syllabus .This tip will save both your time and effort.

Comprehend the question well:

Solving a sample paper or past-paper need some effective skills. Try to comprehend what the examiner is asking .Try to answer precisely and leave irrelevant detail.

Manage the solution Time:

Have a stopwatch while solving a question .This will teach you time management and you will get aware that you can or cannot complete the answer in time.

Take every Question as Compulsory:

Don’t get happy with the options or choices for attempting question .Take every question as compulsory and even if you are not in a mood to prepare all the topics for your exam just go through all these questions and get a summarized answer for them .This will help you in emergencies or protect against an unexpected paper.

Learn from the Mistakes:

Once you have solved the paper, get it checked either by yourself or by some competent individual. Once you realize your mistakes which you have done in these practice paper don’t leave it but go through the paper again.

Once you are finished with your paper and got the marks, assess your preparation by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Which is the hardest part for you and when you realize the lacking, revise that topic again?
  2. How much extra time you have spent to solve the paper and what is the solution?
  3. How much more study material you have to cover?
  4. What could be different in the real exam paper from this sample paper?
  5. What would be your next learning strategy?

These tips will surely help you to score good grades in your exams so keep concentrating on your studies and solve the sample and past paper for a strategic practice.

Importance of Solving Sample Papers

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